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English teacher

Hello, ------------------------------------ Do you want to learn English in a confortable way? No matter the age you have I can help you. I am a psychologist so I can adapt to you. :) In my classes we will use a lot the experience and non-formal education in order to learn English without pressure. ----------------------------------- My name is Maria Stefania Ionel. I am 30 years old. I studied in lots of foreign Universities, from Romania, Italy, Spain. I speak fluently 4 languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. I'm from Transylvania and I am a psychotherapist. Here in Lleida I am volunteering in the Youth Department "La Palma" until March of 2018. I love children and adolescents so I decided to be a youth worker. --------------------------------- My class will be 1h and 30 min and the price 10 euros. I will focus mostly in conversational English because I know this is the thing most needed here.